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Personalise A gift With Machine And Hand Engraving Services In Basingstoke

Located in Basingstoke, Jeanette's Engravers offers a wide range of engraved gifts that can be customised with your desired message. Our team specialises in intricate hand engravings on wedding bands as well as machine and glass engraving for customisable items such as silverware, sporting trophies, and delicate stemware. We also provide engraved memorial plaques. We use state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure each engraving is done with utmost precision and care.

Our team will guide you through the selection process and provide a free quote for our services. We have an extensive collection of gifts you can choose from, or you are welcome to bring in your own gifts to engrave. If you're looking for a unique present for your loved one on a special occasion such as a birthday or Christmas, we're here to help you make it truly memorable. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you in creating a stunning engraved gift.

Rely On Our Engraving Services

Floral-engraved glass filled with champagne

Hand Engraving 

Do you require hand engraving services for your wedding rings or other jewellery items? If so, we are here to offer our assistance. Our team helps you in selecting the most appropriate engraving style for your pre-purchased items. We also provide superb wedding gift engraving that would be perfect for your guests. Contact us to have your message engraved onto any of our products. 

Glass Engraving

Count on us for glass engraving services. We are dependable glass engravers, offering glassware for purchase on-site as well as a range of online brochures to browse. Our extensive glassware range comprises glass sporting trophies, delicate stemware pieces, and glass for corporate presentations. We ensure that all our products can be engraved to your desired style.

Trophy Engraving

Jeanette's Engravers is a reliable name for engraved trophies and awards. Whether for sports events or corporate and presentation purposes, we provide exceptional attention to detail and impeccable quality in every engraving project we undertake. We offer silver plating options for trophies, and our services extend to customising promotional products to maximise brand visibility. Our expertise also includes engraving on various products such as sporting memorabilia, end-of-season and social club awards, and plaques. Trust us to provide you with premium customised engraving solutions for your needs.

Jewellery Repair

We offer jewellery-making and repair services. Our team can assist you with resizing and stone-setting. You can also rely on us for your jewellery supplies, including engraved jewellery boxes.


Apart from jewellery repairs, we also offer silverware and silver engraving services to our customers. Whether you want to add to your collection or shop for a special occasion, we ensure you can make the best decision. Our attitude and ethics reflect our commitment to giving customers the greatest degree of freedom possible. We have a wide range of silverware products available to meet your needs.

Machine Engraving

Machine engraving is a modern and efficient way to create designs on different items. This process uses computer-controlled machines to make precise, clean designs with clear lines and edges. It is faster and cheaper than traditional hand engraving methods. So, if you need engraving work done quickly and cost-efficiently, feel free to contact us for our machine engraving solutions.

machine engraving a piece of wood

Do You Need Hand Engraving Services In Basingstoke For Your Wedding Rings? Call Us On 01256 474009!

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